About Us


ESSE was started by and for people who enjoy luxurious and impactful jewelry. As a pioneer of change and innovation, ESSE combines a love for design and quality with the important aspect of ethical sustainability. Developed as a company ready to disrupt a historic industry one C at a time. 

And that is how we bring you the new 4 C's;

Consideration, Clout, Convenience & Creativity

Consideration - Each and everyone of us has a duty to the world and to participate in a healthy change towards a more sustainable world. Small changes make big differences and ESSE is proud to continually take steps in the right direction. 

Clout - Bridging the gap of attainability is ESSE’s ultimate goal. The innovation of lab grown diamonds have provided us with a new path of being able to create fine jewelry pieces of the highest quality at a more reasonable price point, allowing more accessibility. ESSE brings you diamond jewelry that is meant to be worn, not kept in a locker. 

Convenience - 24/7 service. From the creation of custom High Jewlery pieces to our Signature line, ESSE is here to guide you throughout and keep the process as concise as possible. Convenience is one of our founding principles at ESSE and we continue to work towards being as efficient as possible.

Creativity - This last C is a culmination of the 3 previous C’s. We use our creativity at ESSE to enhance every aspect of the company, from design to shipping. Everything is derived from our creative process to provide you with a piece of jewelry from a brand that you are proud of. 

Every new ESSE collection is a reflection of true passion for beautiful jewelry - that leads to the creation of both statement pieces and everyday pieces that will enhance your daily aesthetic. All pieces are made using the highest quality of lab grown diamonds and set in solid 18k gold. 

ESSE is excited to be a part of the education, conversation and revolution that is the industry of lab grown diamonds. 



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