A Shopper's Guide to Choosing Lab Grown Diamond Jewelry: What You Need to Know

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10 Factors to Consider When Choosing Lab-Grown Diamond Jewelry

Lab-grown diamonds are a great option for those looking for ethical and affordable diamond jewelry. Here are ten factors to consider when choosing lab-grown diamond jewelry:


  1. Conversation is key - have detailed conversations with your jeweller about cut, clarity, color, and finally carat weight. This is so that you understand all the options. 

  2. Make sure any 1ct or over lab grown diamonds comes with a certificate of verification from an independent gemological institute. 
  3. Compare prices across different brands and retailers before making a purchase.

  4. Check the reputation of the brand or retailer you plan to buy from by reading reviews from other customers or talking directly to the brand. 

  5. Consider your personal style preferences when selecting a piece of lab grown diamond jewelry.

  6. Think about what occasions you will wear it for and how it will fit into your overall wardrobe.

  7. Make sure you are clear on the language used during your diamond buying experience, a "diamond alternate" and "diamond simulant" are common confusing phrases that actually mean CZ or moissanite stones not lab grown diamonds. 

  8. Decide if you are looking for classic designs that can be worn for years to come rather or more unique, trendy pieces that can still be timeless when done correctly. 

  9. Remember that lab grown diamonds have a lower environmental impact and lack unethical labor practices compared to mined diamonds as well as a lower price point

  10. Enjoy your gorgeous new luxury piece, knowing that you made a financially smart, ethical choice. 

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