Tips for Buying Lab Grown Diamonds

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When buying lab grown diamonds, the most important thing is to do your research and make sure you feel trust with the company you are buying from. 

The biggest potential pitfall is being sold a diamond simulant as a lab grown diamond. In order to prevent this, make sure the establishment you are purchasing from is only using language such as “lab grown, man-made” rather than phrases like “diamond alternative.” The best way to ensure that you do not fall victim to this is to reach out to the company and ask direct questions.

At ESSE we only use the highest quality of lab grown diamonds, which is DEF color and VVS-VS1 clarity. However some companies take this opportunity with lab grown diamonds to diminish the quality of the goods they are selling to you. Make sure to look out for low quality, one of the main benefits of turning to lab grown diamonds is the ability to provide high quality diamonds at a lower price point. Ask your jeweller about the quality you are purchasing, just because diamonds are lab grown does not mean they are all flawless, they are still graded on a scale just like mined diamonds. 

At ESSE our concierge team is always here to guide and educate you towards the best possible lab grown diamonds that you can buy.

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