Lab Grown Diamonds & Sustainability

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Sustainability is a big reason of why ESSE got into the lab grown diamond space. While a clean up has occurred in the mined diamond industry, it is a situation where in our current day and age we cannot allow for the persistent lack of transparency.The sustainability aspect of lab grown diamonds is not solely environmental, it is ethical as well. Lab grown diamonds have a reduced carbon footprint compared to mined diamonds and are not plagued by stories of labor abuse. The whole process is transparent, a study comparing lab and mined diamonds by consultancy Frost & Sullivan found that mining diamonds produces 4,383 times more waste than manufactured gems, uses 6.8 times as much water, and consumes 2.14 times the energy per carat produced. Lab grown diamonds also avoid all the sulfur oxide and nitrous oxide emissions associated with mined diamonds. Lab grown diamonds have also only scratched the surface when it comes to the potential it has to become even more eco - friendly, once manufacturers start to switch to renewable energy sources it will be hard to fault this industry and with the demand for lab diamonds sky rocketing, this seems to be in the very near future of change. 

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